"The roots of my raisin' run deep..."

Merle Haggard

Hi, I'm Krissy Botz Coffey.

An Oregon transplant, natural light portrait photographer located in Lodi, California. I'm a little bit Country + a little bit Rock + Roll. I have a pretty serious addiction to Haribo gummy bears, heavy metal music, MAC lipstick + liquid eyeliner. A Coast Guard brat, I am a lover of moody skies + treacherous seas. If you ask me to pick between rain or shine, rain wins all day. I am a wife to an amazing man, a momma to two insane humans, a friend, a sister + daughter.

My love of photography developed when I was a young child, admiring my great grandfathers National Geographic Magazines + albums containing his photographs from World War II. The emotions that stirred in me, looking at those raw + unfiltered images, planted a seed in my soul. K Botz Photography was later established in 2008 after having studied dark room development + camera mechanics in high school, followed by years of self-study. I continue to evolve to provide you with the best possible version of myself + my art. Photography is my passion. I did not happen into photography accidentally. I was fated to it. Art in all of its forms is woven deep into the fabric of my people. Photography is my medium, + my heart would not beat without it.

I believe that your photographs are meant to be organic, journalistic, wild + free, just like you. I love photographing people as they are, perfectly imperfect. I am a hunter gatherer of natural light + connected moments + will travel far + wide with you to create the images you cannot live without. I believe that the best photographs are those that evoke emotion, stir up our deepest feelings + bring us back to that moment in time. I find that, for me, those photos are often the in-between moments. The moments when you're just connecting to those that you love, not posing, not perfectly propped. Just...you. I am the first to admit I am not everyone's type of photographer, + that's ok. My clients are a little wild, a little rebellious + very raw. They're willing to get dirty and to allow their hearts to take over their session. If you're into that, I'm into you. 

XOXO Krissy